Everything you need to know before buying your Vape/POD

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Many people are interested in vape, they think it’s cool that all the steam comes out, it tastes really good. But often do not know what would be the ideal device for the person, there are several details you need to know before purchasing one of our devices .

In this post I will quote some tips for you who are a beginner in this world of vapes, for you to stay inside and avoid any disappointment about the devices, and have the best experience possible!

“What is the best vape?”. There is no best vape, try to understand what your need is.

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Tip 1 – Understand your need, and research the device that will supply it.

First, you have to know what your intention is with the device, if it’s just playing with the steam and having a lot of flavor in your pulls, you’re looking for a vape. If you are an ex-cigarette smoker, and want to use the device in order to kick the cigarette habit, the most advisable thing would be to purchase a POD (electronic cigarette) .

That’s why it’s great to research the device that caught your attention. If it’s a Vape or if it’s a POD before making the purchase, not to be disappointed by the device because it doesn’t deliver what you expected,

Tip 2 – Check if your device needs batteries.

People often buy their devices and don’t make sure if they need an external battery or not. In the case of MODs, they need 18650 batteries . They do not come with built-in batteries for the reason that the user has the option of carrying extra batteries with him so that when he runs out of his device, have others on hand to replace them.

In most PODs, it already comes with built-in battery, so in this case it would be more for MODs. Which are the most robust vapes that have a slot (space) for one or two batteries (some go three).

Tip 3 – Buy your e-liquid(juice) right

Many people who are just starting out in the world of vapes, or PODs, don’t know which essence to buy, or they think it’s all the same thing, but it’s not the same thing!

The essences to vape , which are popularly called juices are essences who need a great power to carburet therefore require resistance sub-ohms. Usually in the ratio VG:70 / PG:30.

On the other hand, essences for PODs, called Nicsalts or just SALT, which would be nicotine salts, they simulate the same sensation of pleasure as cigarettes, that nicotine dizziness.

In short, you have to be sure which device you have purchased, whether it is a POD or a vape, to choose the ideal essence for it!

Some devices are both types, VAPE and POD, just put the ideal coil (resistance) for each type of essence. For Vape the coils are sub-ohm, below 1.0ohm, and for nicsalt the coils are greater than 1.0ohm.

Tip 4 – Check if you have the coil available for your device.

Before purchasing your device, see if you have the coils of this model available to buy together, so you won’t need to worry later. Worst thing is that you can’t find the coil of your device and you have to buy another one because of the coil unavailability.

Everything you need to know before buying your Vape/POD

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